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Love Letters

Over the years we have received many beautiful mails congratulating for our work. I would like to share with you...
monday, january 8, 2018

My dearest Chie,

Last Sunday and after six months of only wearing sport shoes because I couldn’t find any feminine, elegant, delicate, casual but comfortable alternative besides the usual unexciting styles in stores, I asked the universe for some help finding something that would give me that feminine and happy spirit back as I get dressed in the mornings.

A day after, I found a mention of your shoes and every picture I saw on the lookbook made me feel more and more excited.

I had finally found you!

My new pair of ‘Dijon’ have arrived today and they will make my feet shine from tomorrow, putting a smile on my face.

Thank you Chie for your beautiful work, filled with creativity, small and simple details but ever so comfortable and fresh.

May the Universe (who has spotted you well) bless your work and surround you of the people and things you may need to keep brightening our feminine world with colour and comfort.

Much much love!!


P.S: I will be getting a pair of ‘Fraya Greta Green’ next… 
friday, april 21, 2017

Dear Chie Mihara

I write to let you know that I have been able to wear Your shoes and I find Your and your whole team’ s work absolutely awesome. The models You create really allow women to be feminine and never ordinary.
One always feel special on heels, but these should allow you to walk on them. You know how to make beautiful shoes also a low heels.


monday, march 27, 2017

I have with me some of my summer sandals, "Fetish", wonderfully soft and fabulous to walk without problems. "Flander Ocean", beautiful color and design, perfect for walking and never getting tired and my "Apogeo", with a wonderful heel and so glamorous.
Thank You Chie for my beautiful sandals this summer, with this special touch that I love so much. Now I can’t wait for my next “Devenue” .... So gorgeous !!

Many thanks Chie and to all of You that make possible a different sale experience on very special shoes.

tuesday, march 7, 2017

Dear Chie Mihara,

I am from Québec, Canada and recently bought several pairs, some in shops in my city and others directly from
I want to give testimony of my experience.
I want to express my total admiration for the creativity and the quality of manufacturing of your shoes. I love almost all the styles.
What surprises me is the fitting of the shoes although my feet are fragile and also long and very narrow.
I used to be attracted by colors, so it is a real pleasure for my eyes to visit your website.
Congratulations for the good quality of the materials and manufacturing of your shoes!
Also, I want to say that the service is impeccable; The kind attention of your staff and the fast shipment by UPS.
I hope your company will always have the success it deserves!

Geneviève Bouchard in love with Chie Mihara and Spain.
Québec / Canada
friday, december 2, 2016
I have just received my Chie’s. They are so incredible and the fitting is perfect. They are comfortable and they look as aforetime treasure.
A product made conscientiously and of great quality.

Thank you very much!!!


monday, october 31, 2016
I received my shoes last Wednesday. The Zita is soooo beautiful and it feets my feet so comfortably and beautifully.

The perfectly round toe shape is so gorgeous.

Please tell Chie that I will cherish my Chies forever and hope that I can afford to purchase more in the future!

Happy weekend,

tuesday, july 12, 2016

Good afternoon,

Today I received a pair of your sandals Wonda size 37 in brown ocher purchased through

To my surprise, I admired the packaging and the words with which you describe your work.

Thank you for the beautiful shoes, I have tested them, I have walked with them and they are great.

I am 60 years old and this dedication and professionalism found in the article that I bought has taken me back in time to those years in which, also here, a particular care was taken in the trades, especially in the art of footwear.

Congratulations, good job and good holiday.
tuesday, june 28, 2016

Buenos días, como había prometido os envío unas fotos de mi Gala de baile, calzada con zapatos CHIE MIHRA….. tan cómodos, incluso para bailar….y sobre todo, con tanta clase !! Un abrazo.

thursday, may 26, 2016
My last buy,

I received two weeks ago the most beautiful shoes of my life and I’m enjoying them so much.

Thank you for doing so lovely and well manufactured shoes!!

thursday, may 19, 2016
Many thanks for sending the sandals I needed in size 41. They are just Fantastic, gorgeous, comfi and glamorous !!!

Thank you Chie and thank you to the whole staff. These are my second pair of CHIE’ sandals this year !!!

Greetings to you all.
tuesday, may 10, 2016

thank you for sending me the perfect shoes !!!!
I'm really happy with them, perfect fitting.

Have a nice day and thank you for the great service.

Kind regards,
Ingrid Anna
thursday, may 5, 2016
Thank you for the best shoes on the planet!

thursday, may 5, 2016
Compliments with the quality of the shoes I just received. I ordered 2 new pairs. Great Quality!

Kind regards,
tuesday, may 3, 2016
Dear Santi

I just wrote to say...THANK YOU!

My Sambuca arrived today and they fit perfect!

hasta luego,
friday, april 29, 2016
I already picked up the shoes and, as usual, I LOVE THEM !!! Very comfortable, elegant and above all, carefully made; plenty of details and using the best quality raw material.

My congratulations to the whole staff whose hands made possible a great craftsmanship !!! Also congratulations to the designer CHIE MIHARA who combines aesthetic with comfort, contributing to the maintain of healthy feet).

I wish you all and the Brand a lasting success.

Mónica Rosa
tuesday, april 12, 2016
I would like to thank you for your kind attention, buying from you has been a pleasant experience that I will for sure repeat.

A hug,
thursday, april 7, 2016
I had an unexpected and very nice surprise last week : I was back late from work, exhausted (we were on thursday evening, I can remember...), about to crawl to my bed with empty stomach but I finally decided to visit the Chie Mihara online store, not to break with this nice "routine" (...) And you know what? The "swap model" was on the 42 size!!

I received them this morning, and of course I love them!

So, thank you Santi, thank you Chie Mihara, and thank you all!!

Yours sincerely,
tuesday, april 5, 2016
It has been only been a few days since I placed an order for a pair of Chie Mihara shoes and, wow, I can't believe that they just arrived with me in New Zealand all the way from Spain. They are absolutely gorgeous and I love them.

I only recently discovered Chie Mihara shoes and am so pleased I have.

Thank you for the excellent service and gorgeous shoes.

Kind regards
thursday, march 10, 2016

I’ve just received my first order made at www.chiestore, but these are not my first Chies.

It’s my 4th pair of CHIE MIHARA shoes. As I first walk in with the JASI sandals, what a feeling of comfort and how well made there are !!....


For sure, I will purchase more than once from now on.

Many thanks

friday, december 4, 2015
Hi, good afternoon,

I’ve just received my order in perfect conditions. I love the shoes, excellent job. Congratulations to the whole team that works on the production and also to the designer Chie Mihara. Keep on creating this type of shoes as no other brand is equal in quality, perfection and comfort.

My best,
Mónica Rosa
monday, october 19, 2015
Hi Chie & Team,

I live in Andalucia (La Linea) and I work in Gibraltar. I fell in love with your shoes when I first laid my eyes on the first pair I discovered in a shoes’ store in Gibraltar. I am now at my fifth pair and can recognize your creations everywhere in the world. They just stand out and they become part of who wears them. It’s incredible!

I want to tell you a “Chie Mihara’ story” which happened two weeks ago. I was in the London tube wearing Sambuca style. Well, the whole London admired them, by the way; People were stopping me on the street saying: “Nice shoes!” So I was in the tube, on my way to see the Phantom of the Opera live performance, when I noticed that the lady sitting in front of me was wearing… Chie Mihara’s? I had never seen that style before but I couldn’t be wrong! The owner of the shoes was a very nice lady in her 60’s. I apologized and asked if by any chance she was wearing Chie Mihara’ shoes? She didn’t know, but she was willing to take her shoe off, what she did, and exclaimed: “You are right! How did you know? “ I told her I was also wearing Chie Mihara’s and the lady said she loved my shoes and though they were her type of shoes. We started a nice conversation about Chie Mihara’s. She didn’t know much, so I told her what I knew about the brand and Chie and we enjoyed the chat.

We had something important in common, so I thought: “you don’t need a street with your name to be famous; if you can get people together, strangers, any age, and make them feel they share something special – that makes you great!” Thank you, guys!

Raluca Negus
thursday, october 1, 2015
I’v got them.
Stunning and comfy!
I’m delighted.
Thank you for a top service!

friday, july 24, 2015
Good morning,

I bought online, a couple of weeks ago, one pair of shoes style DURUI HAWAII.
I would like to extend my warmest congratulations not only for these wonderful shoes by itself (please, give a big applause to designers and artisans, these are absolutely fantastic shoes and should be subsidized by government !! Everyone should own a pair !!!!) but also for the great treat I received from Santi. I needed a change of size and Santi handled the matter with speed and professionalism in a totally irreproachable way !

Congratulations and thanks for everything !!!
wednesday, june 3, 2015
The package arrived today!

Once again, thank you for your wonderful shoes!

The delivery was as always straight forward and very quickly. I am very pleased with Chie Mihara and am very happy to wear my new beautiful shoes.

It may be immoral to look forward to material things like that, but when I know that the shoes I wear are produced under fair conditions and with love, it gives me a good feeling. I think I also send this message out, while wearing the shoes. And that is, I think also good for my environment. Isn't it?

I wish you a nice day!

Kind regards,

thursday, april 30, 2015
... thank you, thank you and again thank you for this gorgeous and outstanding shoes SHY. I’ve just received them now and I wanted to say they are even more beautiful that in your web site images.

I warmly appreciate the quick delivery. You are a team of very kind and efficient people.

Greetings with deep affection and esteem

monday, april 27, 2015
Hello again Chie,

I received the shoes yesterday. I was so excited upon opening the box, and impressed by the incredible comfort when trying them on. My first CHIE MIHARA have exceeded my expectations. They are striking but wearable. It's almost impossible to find a pair of shoes comfortable, sexy and very feminine at the same time. I am very happy. You have a new fan and a faithful client.
Thanks again. A hug.

Vanessa Guiscafré
wednesday, april 22, 2015
I'm a big fan of chie mihara. The only shoes you can wear straight from the shop floor. I must have 11 pairs of the shoes and I even show my students (at London college of fashion)the chie mihara website as a great example of a website. They loved the site & the shoes!


wednesday, april 1, 2015

I have never successfully worn heels for more then 3 hours without feel like crying in pain. I recently discovered Chie Mihara shoes during a trip to Barcelona. I now own two pairs, and just placed an order for a 3rd pair. I never knew it is possible to wear heels and still not be able to notice that I am actually wearing heels. I love the vintage aspects of color and texture. I am now a very devoted fan of Chie Mihara shoes.

I just wish to let the designing team and also the production factory know how happy I am.

With Much love from Hong Kong

monday, march 2, 2015

I can’t avoid mentioning this. I started buying your shoes about three years ago; but now that I live in Rio de Janeiro it’s more complicated but I used to do so each time I return to Spain.
Last week I had a training course in Miami and in one of the sessions I was wearing style YOIKO in violet. They were not even very visible as I was wearing pretty wide and long pants, but they were the topic of conversation for several days within female and male sector.

So much so, that at that meeting I sat on a central table facing the speaker and, at a point, this lady looked down on my feet, remained struck by the shoes and exclaimed "what a pair of shoes "; ashamed of her loss of concentration because she literally cut off the explanation and blushed.

I figured you would like to know that your shoes cause impact and I’ve seen that in South America this happens quite often.


Thanks and best regards,

friday, february 27, 2015
Hello my name is Nancy and surfing the net looking for shoes and handbags (they are my weakness), I came across your site and fell in love with the amazing work you do. I've seen your page so many times in the last three days.

My dream is being able to create my own company, designing and creating my own bags and shoes, of good quality, of course. Your work fills me with joy and gives me hope and the only thing I can say is "CHAPEAU" for so pretry shoes.