Environmental policy

Environmental policy

STUDIO MIHARA TIMELESS S.L. specialises in the sale and distribution of footwear and leather goods. Our company firmly believes that quality products should always be accompanied by first-rate service, which is why we strive for excellence in each of our projects, staying true to our philosophy. This means that the work done by our team is the result of professionalism, effort and commitment.

The company’s fundamental goal is to ensure the full satisfaction of customers and partners, which is why it complies with the applicable environmental legislation and regulations, the ISO 14001 standard, and other requirements set forth by the business regarding the aforementioned aspects.

As a result, we decided to implement a management system that covers all the requirements for quality and environmental management, in addition to the following commitments:

- To continuously improve in these areas.
To work towards protecting the environment, including the prevention of pollution and other specific commitments linked to our operations.
- To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction by complying with our express and implicit requirements, as well as with the applicable legal          requirements.

It is essential to have a suitable footwear sourcing policy and waste management approach.

Our operations consume primary resources, produce waste and emissions, and have an environmental impact, even after the product’s life cycle has concluded. Hence, from the first day, it has been essential to establish an effective procurement policy and waste management plan because we are an environmentally-friendly company that is committed to reducing pollution. With this in mind, our goals are:

- To create less waste.
- To consume less paper and cardboard.
- To reduce our paper and cardboard waste.
- To make customers and suppliers more involved in protecting the environment and reducing pollution.