Payment methods | Chie Mihara Official store


Credit card

You can pay your order by credit card: VISA, MASTERCARD, VISA ELECTRON, MAESTRO, CARTE BLEUE (part of Visa or MasterCard network) and AMERICAN EXPRESS.

The total amount will be debited from your account. The purchase will become effective only after the confirmation of your bank. In case the VPT (virtual payment terminal) refuses the card, the order will be automatically cancelled.

The customer will be informed online about the refusal. In this case, you should contact your bank.

Your card can be refused due to the following reasons:

- Card has expired. Check the expiry date of your card.
- Credit limit has been exceeded. Check with your bank the credit limit of the card.
- Details are wrong. Check you have introduced correctly all the compulsory information.

Bank transfer

You can effect bank transfer to the following bank account:


IBAN : ES62 0075 0040 2506 0116 4244 


Do not forget to indicate who made the entry so that we can relate easily the payment with the order.

If you have done your payment, please contact us by email or by telephone +34 966 980 415; if possible, please send the swift document.