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Chie Mihara: The Brand

Though known internationally, Chie Mihara seeks no runways, and constantly strays from the fashion rulebook. It is far more intimate in its sources of inspiration. Every design is the result of the designer's own creative exercises of testing and playing with different materials, heels and shapes.

A vintage feel, a predominance of medium-height heels and unexpected color combinations make every Chie recognisable, yet undeniably unique.

Made in Spain

Chie Mihara is proud to be a family business. Our family's factory and handbag studio come from three generations of craftsmen from the Mediterranean city of Elda, Spain.

Not only do we produce every single item locally with local experts, but additionally our supply chain is largely contained within our community. Keeping our products KM 0 and safeguarding the art of craftsmanship remain our priorities.

Ethics and Responsability

Our philosophy doesn't endorse over-consumption, but rather choosing well and wearing thoroughly.

All our products are made-to-order for our shop clients and never mass-produced.

Our focus is on design, comfort, and quality for shoes that will last you a lifetime.

Shoes & More

Over its more than 20 years, Chie Mihara has expanded into every fashion category, while remaining true to its philosophy.

The official handbag line launched in 2020 as an extension of Chie's unique style.

This 2024 we are excited to conquer Chie Mihara's next frontier: fashion!

R · T · W

Chie Mihara Read-to-Wear completes the total Chie Mihara look with minimalist, geometric tailoring inspired by our Japanese heritage.

Our garments stay loyal to the art of Spanish craftsmanship. Designed in Elda and manufactured in Galicia by the hand of professionals attentive down to the smallest detail.


We often collaborate with our store-clients on events where Chie gets to meet our wonderful community.

These are cherished moments of emotional connection and inspiration.

Whether in Barcelona, Madrid or Tokyo, we love hearing your stories!

Press & Communication

Chie Mihara is consistently featured on prestigious fashion and style magazines, such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Grazia, Telva, L'Officiel & many more

Where to Find Us

Chie Mihara is represented in over 400 stores worldwide, with its largest markets being the world's fashion capitals of Italy and France. Some of our clients include:

La Rinascente | Milan ·

El Corte Inglés | Madrid ·

Isetan | Tokyo ·

Peter Sheppard | Australia ·

Garrice | Paris, France ·

John Lewis | London ·

Maison Julie | Zurich ·

Riccardo Cartillone | Berlin ·