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Abundance makes me happy!

I love being generous, helping people and being open to any battle

because I know I have an abundance of solutions!

I don't take life so seriously. There are no "last opportunities"

The sun will rise again tomorrow! That's why I don't get bitter when something doesn't work out for me.

I love the touch of materials: their softness, nobility, resistance ...

Qualities that inspire confidence.

Sometimes I make very crazy styles which then become bestsellers ...

That says a lot about the desire for pleasure and happiness we are all seeking!

When I am creating I don't think about anyone, just playing and being happy with what I'm doing. Trends force me to be mainstream and that's precisely what I am not.

When I think too much, my creativity and productivity go down ... so I stop thinking and act!

I love it when someone has a pair of worn out shoes: it says a lot about the trust they have placed in them.

A lot of people think I have a lot of shoes! but it is not like that ... I have a few that I use a lot, especially low heels and lace ups. Those are my favorites!