About Chie ...


Abundance makes me happy! I love being generous, helping people and taking on all types of challenges! Because I know I have an abundance of solutions!

I don’t take life too seriously. There is no such thing as a “last chance.” The sun will rise tomorrow. It always does! So, I don’t get upset if something doesn’t go my way.

I love touching the materials: their softness, their quality, their resistance. These attributes build trust.

Sometimes I create wild models that become top sellers. This says a lot about the search for pleasure and happiness that everyone pursues!

I don’t have anyone in mind when I create. I simply play around and feel happy with what I do. Trends force me to join the crowd, which is the opposite of what I am.

My creativity and productivity suffer when I over-analyze, so I live by the words of “Don’t think, just do!”

I love it when someone has a pair of worn out shoes:
it says a lot about the trust they have placed in them.

Many people mistakenly believe that I have many shoes, but in fact I have a few pairs that I wear a lot, especially styles with low heels and laces. Those are my favorites!